Paul Interland Steve and Shari,

I am so impressed with my truck now. It looks amazing!! Its everything you said it would be!

For those of you truck and car owners out there who are looking to enhance the longevity and looks of your vehicle, look no further than Hachey’s Auto Enhancment! I live in New Hampshire and looked long and hard for a local company to perform the services that I wanted for my Ford Raptor. Fluid Film is the only product used by some local companies. I used Fluid Film the winter after I bought the truck and I will tell you, Fluid Film, whatever they call it is not worth the money. It wore off after a few months of winter driving and I will never use that again or recommend it to anyone.

I probably won’t be able to afford another high level truck, so, I wanted something much more permanent and protective, that would also enhance the beauty of the truck. So, I found Hachey’s Auto Enhancement on my internet search. After reading about their products and services, it sounded like everything I was looking for. After a few phone calls and emails later, I drove 226 miles to Levant, Maine. I will admit I was at first reluctant to leave my truck 3 ½ hours away, but after spending some time with Steve and Shari, and seeing their nice home based facility, I drove back home with confidence that I was making a good decision, and, investment.

Steve kept me abreast of the progress on my truck for the entire week it was there. He also sent me pictures of the multi step process they were performing on the undercarriage, frame, bumpers, and fender flares. They taped off the entire suspension and exhaust, so there was no signs of overspray. The bumpers and fender flares were Rhino Lined and it looks insane! The final multi step result of the undercarriage and frame makes them look Rhino Lined as well!

To top it all off they detailed the entire truck inside and out! I couldn’t be happier with Hachey’s care and dedication to their craft, but as important, they care about you as their customer!



-Paul Interland
New Hampshire
Motorcycle Sales Professional, 
Heritage Harley-Davidson

Bill BrennanI bought a Silverado, new to me but a couple of years old and I wanted to do what I could to make sure it serves me well. I found Hachey's Auto Enhancing on line and I'm glad I did. Not only did they provide exactly the treatment for the truck I was looking for, but the service was great and Steve and Shari were a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended them to several of my friends and I there's no doubt that, here in Maine, the undercoating service Hachey's provides is well worth the investment.

-Bill Brennan
Castine, Maine

Dan OwensSteve,

I was pleased to find out you apply the newest products & technology to the age old profession of properly rustproofing and undercoating vehicles.  I appreciate your attention to detail in making my vehicle look new all the time.

-Dan Owens


Julie PoitrasI very much appreciate the benefits of services that Hachey's Auto Enhancing provides.  As a visiting nurse on the road on a daily basis, the undercoating & detailing keeps my prized vehicle in top shape and dependable.  Worth the drive!

-Julie Poitras
Deer Isle
Hancock County Homecare & Hospice

Kevin DePrenger - Ellsworth Fire DepartmentSteve,

I would like to express our satisfaction in the quality of work Hachey’s Auto Enhancing did on our department’s new pick-up. I did quite a bit of research to protect the City’s investment prior to deciding to go with Hachey’s, during my research I found that someone I have known for a while has been using Hachey’s for years and has had great results in the protection of his business vehicles.

Thank you

-Kevin DePrenger
Deputy Fire Chief
Ellsworth Fire Department

Ariel WannemacherI bought a Toyota Tundra truck this spring. I own a construction company and wanted to protect my truck. I wanted to protect the bed as well as the underneath. 

I knew i wanted Rhino Lining because my last truck had it and it held up very well. I started to look for places around that installed it. I called Steve and he was very helpful on the phone, explaning the process and the equipment he had.

I came down from Machias and dropped off the truck on friday after work.I picked up the truck Sunday afternoon. The truck looked great! Steve did a thorough job and the lines on the bed were very sharp. The undercoating was thick and looks like it will last a long time.

I would and have recommended their work to anyone interested in having bedliner or undercoating done to their vehicle. 

-Ariel Wannemacher
Machias, Maine

Dick BartlettWe purchased a new van and plan to keep it for a long time, so the first thing we did after buying it was to take it to Hachey's to be undercoated.  Levant is a bit of a drive from Blue Hill, but Steve has such a good reputation we figured it was worth any inconvenience, plus we were easily able to combine the trip with other errands in Bangor.

Steve has been doing this for a while and has come up with a great system for rust proofing.  He is very professional and thorough in his work.  The price is fair and I would highly recommend him. 

-Dick Bartlett
Kingdom Bikes
Blue Hill 

John Edwards Testimonial"I bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler, my dream vehicle with all the bells and whistles and wanted to get it undercoated before I took it off roading the first time.  A friend of mine recommended Steve Hachey, he said Steve has a great work ethic and really pays attention to the details.  They were dead on about that.  Steve did an outstanding job on my Jeep.  I had some unusual request and timelines and Steve worked with me to get it done based on my needs.  He's a real professional!  I liked his work so much that I  take my summer daily driver convertible to him for detailing.  I've recommended him to my friends as well.  I guess that says a lot about a person or business when you hear about them by word of mouth."

-John Edwards
Glenburn, Maine

Dan WIlliams TestimonialI bought a new Ford truck in July of 2012.  I tend to hold onto my vehicles longer than most people so I decided to have the truck undercoated and rust proofed.

Maine roads, especially where I live, are very hard on vehicles.  Calcium chloride is used in the summer months to keep the dust down and salt is used in the winter to keep the roads clear.  A car that is ten years old in my area will definitely  be showing areas of rust corrosion; whereas a vehicle in Florida would still look nearly new.

I drove my truck directly from the dealership to Steve Hachey's place in Levant, Maine for the undercoating and rust proofing.  They removed the running boards and all four tires plus the spare tire.  They masked off the brakes and shocks, filter housings and anything else that shouldn't be undercoated, and then skirted the whole pickup truck with plastic to prevent overspray.  The job they did was excellent.  Areas that were almost impossible to see were undercoated.  They were very thorough in both the undercoating and the rust proofing jobs, believe me, I checked.

I would definitely  recommend their work to anyone interested in avoiding rust and corrosion on their vehicles for as long as possible while driving on roads in New England that use salt and/or calcium chloride. 

-Dan Williams
Greenville, Maine

Michael LagasseI just wanted to take a second to explain the excellent service and quality work that I received when doing business with Hachey's Auto Enhancing.  Curb appeal is something I am very familiar with as I am a small business owner myself, I am an owner operator of a Lawn Care Business in the greater Bangor area and I have spent lots of money in advertising to get my company's name out there.  Steve the owner of Hachey's Auto Enhancing has taken care of my trucks with top notch quality.  His fair pricing, quality work and exceptional service has allowed me to focus on curb appeal on people's properties and not spending hours of labor shining my equipment the way I need it.  I have tried many other companies in the past but my search is over.  I highly recommend this business for your vehicle care needs.  I am very glad I have a company like Steve's to protect and enhance my investments.

-Michael Lagasse (Owner)
Lagasse Lawncare & Seasonal Services
Bangor, Maine

Dennis BowdenI have known Steve, the owner of Hachey Auto Enhancing, since he was a small boy.  Working with his father at the phone company has allowed me to watch and see Steve grow as a young man.  When I learned that Steve was working for himself in the detailing business I knew he would be successful in this line of work.  Seeing Steve's vehicles in the past I knew he has an attention to detail.  My busy schedule makes it tough for me to keep and maintain my vehicles at a high level of expectations.  I gave my vehicles to Steve to let him recondition them back to a level of new condition that I expect.  Not only was I extremely happy with his work but am looking forward to the next piece of equipment I could have him detail.  His attention to details is exactly what I'm looking for in his line of work.  I highly recommend Hachey Auto Enhancing.

-Dennis Bowden
D.A. Bowden Plowing & Lawncare
Bangor, Maine

Robert ButtersI had my last Silverado undercoated and rust proofed by Steve, and he did a great job. I had let the underside go unprotected for way to long but he was able to clean it up and coat it properly. It really did wonders for stopping the progression of the rust and deterioration. And it really held up well afterwards. I knew as soon as I bought my new one that I wanted to start off right and protect it from the beginning. After seeing what they could do with a truck that had already started to go bad, I know my new one will be solid for a long time to come. I highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to properly protect their automobile from corrosion and rust.

-Robert Butters
Litchfield, Maine

John NealDear Steve and Shari,  I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you did on rust proofing & undercoating my truck. Your professional manner and attention to detail were most impressive. I will be highly recommending your services to others. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you.  

-Sincerely, John Neal
Millinocket, Maine

Just a quick note to say thank you for undercoating my wife’s 2013 Ford Edge.  Also, for explaining the rust proofing and undercoating process to her.  Your work was very professional.  The car came back clean and ready for winter driving.  See you in the spring for your detailing services.  I plan on recommending your rust proofing and detailing services to my customers.

-David Webster
Restoration Blasting
Hermon, Maine

Keith TaberI whole heartedly endorse Hachey's Auto Enhancing business.  I was recommended by a friend.  Steve pays attention to detail and doesn't skip or rush anything.  When I picked up my 4 runner, I was surprised at how great it looked.  I will continue to have Steve take care of my vehicle.  Also, they drove me back to Bangor upon leaving the 4 Runner and picked me up when it was done.  Thanks Steve & Shari.

-Keith Taber
Bangor, Maine

Rick McLainSteve has detailed numerous vehicles for me and has always done a great job!

-Rick McLain (Owner)
Maine Tree Service
Glenburn, Maine

Ron BrodyI traveled on Maine highways for over 50 winters.  I know what road salt can do to a vehicle. 

I rely on Hachey's Auto Enhancing to protect my Van.  They use the very best rust proofing process available.

Now I can keep my van a while longer and avoid the high cost of trading.

And, ... it will be worth a lot more when I do.

-Ron Brody
Brewer, Maine

Rhino Testimonial

I contacted Steve Hachey from Hachey's Auto Enhancing and requested a quote on a hybrid-rhino lining for my new service truck. Steve returned my call promptly with a reasonable quote. We scheduled the work and it was completed when promised! If your in the market for a liner for your truck and you like perfection and attention to detail

Hacheys Auto Enhancing should be your only call!

Mike Theriault
Mike Theriault Construction LLC
Greenville Maine