Hachey's Auto Enhancing - Services

Rusting Proofingmore details

Rustproofing is an inner panel service in which we spray a wax oil inside the bottoms of the doors, rocker panels, hood, trunk or tailgate, boxed framerails, and x-bracing under the vehicle.

Undercoatingmore details

When we undercoat your vehicle we do one of the most comprehensive jobs you will find anywhere.  We start by putting our vehicle up on our 9,000 lb. rotary asymmetrical lift and inspecting the undercarriage.  Once the inspection is done we begin cleaning and prepping the underside for spraying.

Detailingmore details

Choose from one of our 4 detailing packages to keep your car, truck, or suv in pristine condition.  We offer the following detailing packages: Express Detailing, Deluxe Detailing, Signature Detailing, Signature Plus Detailing.

Rhino Linersmore details