Hachey's Auto Enhancing - Detailing Services

We have 6 stages of detailing services which are:

Stage 1 more details

A good cleaning inside and out, recommended once every 3 months or once every season change.  This service takes about 3 hours to complete.  The Express Detailing is for the person looking for the light cleaning inside and out, that just want to keep that well maintained look.

Stage 2 more details

A comprehensive detail recommended 2 times a year preferably spring and fall.  This service takes about 6 hours to complete and includes a single stage buff. 

Stage 3 more details

Even more comprehensive than the stage 2 detailing, this package is recommended once a year. This service takes about 9 hour to complete and includes a 2 stage buff.  Stage 3 Detailing is for those of your whose vehicles needs some real attention, but once done makes a world of difference. It's like jumping into a new car all over again. 

Stage 4 more details

A comprehensive detailing package with a focus on paint correction. This package includes a 3 stage buff system.  We recommend this service be done once a year.  This service takes about 12 hours to complete.

Stage 5

A stage 5 detail includes everything listed in Stage 4 with the addition of a Ceramic coating instead of Paint Sealant and Wax for added protection. This service takes about 15 hours to complete.

Stage 6

Our most comprehensive detailing package focused on restoration. This package includes everything in Stage 5 plus a multistage wet sand. We recommend this service be done if your vehicle has paint wear and damage. This service takes about 20 hours to complete. 

Whether you're on a tight budget or not, we have a detailing menu for your needs.  If it's been a long time since your last detail or you have never had a detail come give us a shot, you will be very pleased with the results.  As far as the exterior goes a very thorough cleaning followed by a buffing and waxing will make your ride shine like never before.  And for the interior performing a heated carpet extraction and steam cleaning will not only clean the carpets like never before but will also sanitize it, killing all those germs and microscopic bugs living in your cars interior.  This service helps those of you with allergies by killing and removing mold, mildew, dust, tree dander, pet hair, and just any other foul smelling odor that need to be taken care of.  If these services sound like they could benefit you give us a call and make an appointment. 


Package Price Timing
Stage 1 $250 3 hours
Stage 2 $500 6 hours
Stage 3 $750 9 hours
Stage 4 $1000 12 hours
Stage 5 $1250 15 hours
Stage 6 $2000 20 hours

Full wetsanding of vehicle @ $80 per hour for those vehicles that buffing isn’t enough 

Specialized Packages

Package Price Timing Description
The Basic $125 1.5 hours Light pressure wash, hand wash, clay bar, clean rims & tires, spray wax, chamois dry, compressed air on interior plastics, light vacuum, doorjambs, clean windows, final inspection.
Interior Only

Small cars, SUV's & Trucks: $250-$300

Large 3rd row SUV's & Vans: $350 

2 - 5+ hours Wipe down doorjambs, full interior vacuum, clean & dress plastics, carpet extract - steam clean, clean & condition leather, clean glass, clean seat bases, final inspection.
Exterior Only $200 - $500 2 - 5 hours Full prep wash, clay bar, single stage buff, paint sealant and premium waxing, plastics and tire dressing, glass & chrome cleaning, final inspection.
Full Exterior (Used Vehicles) $1000-1500+ 5 - 10 hours Full prep, wash, clay bar, 3 stage paint correction, ISO cleaning, ceramic coating, tire and plastics dressing, and glass and chrome cleaning.
Ceramic Only (New Vehicles) $750 5 hours Full prep wash, clay bar, single stage soft polish buff, and ceramic coating.
Excessive Dog Hair  Removal $80/ hour
Engine Bay Detail $50
Restore Headlights $50

The price you see is the price you pay, including time, labor, materials, and taxes. 

When shopping for a new vehicle, make sure to ask your dealership salesperson about rolling the cost of a Rhino, rust proofing, or undercoating, into the price of your vehicle. 


Detailing Photos

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We offer the following discounts:

  • 5% off for seniors (62 and older)
  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Firefighters
  • College Students
  • Handicapped
  • Nurses
  • Teachers.

Maximum discount $100 for all services. ID must be shown.


We use products from Malco.


  • Heated pressure washer
  • Back up cold pressure washer
  • (2) High speed rotary buffers
  • Dual action polisher
  • 10" random orbital buffer
  • Air pressur hoses
  • Xenon light (identifying "rids" random isolated deep scratches)
  • Tire brushes
  • Wax pads
  • Microfiber towels
  • Heated carpet extractor
  • Steam cleaner
  • Various nook & cranny brushes
  • Specialty vacuum cleaner
  • Many attachments just for detailing
  • High air volume fan for drying interior more quickly
  • Hand towels